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This memorial website was created in the memory my son, Stephen Nicholson who was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 1986 and passed away on December 02, 2004 at the age of 18. He was a victim of suicide done by using a shotgun to the head. I will remember him forever. He was a loving and giving son. We had great adventures together! 

Stephen loved to be outdoors. When he was little his natural sport was baseball. As he got older his older brother Oliver got him into soccer. He was a first rate soccer player and goalie. He played on the Y Select soccer team, The Rangers until 2004. I cannot tell you how much fun we had going to soccer games and tournaments. I miss that quite a bit. When he got his learner's license he drove me and that was nice. He was a natural at all he did in sports. I think now he is throwing a ball with his step-dad Mike, who died in 1992 after a liver transplant and teaching Mike to play soccer. Who knows?

Stephen was loved by old and young alike. He loved playing Rook with my friends whether I was with him or not. He would go hunting with some of my friends and they loved to take him. He killed his first deer in McCayesville on my grand-father's farm while hunting with friends Grant and Nate. He was so excited. He called me. "Mom I killed my first deer!" He called everyone to tell them.

Stephen for most of his life was very active at St. Catherine's Episcopal Church. He was on the Youth Council and was active in Sunday School. He had a great group of friends there and his pictures are all over their web site as well as their walls. I see him everywhere there. They have always been a very loving and caring community for us.

He was always so gentle with the little ones, they loved him. Rylea, Bren, Amber and Christopher will miss him. They loved to jump on the trampoline with him swing with him or just play with him. His newest nephew RJ did not get to know him for long. But I hope Stephen can see him grow up from Heaven.

He loved to fish and would go to the pond in our neighborhood whenever he could or up to the lake to fish. He would spend hours doing that. I picture my son there all the time. He was patient with the younger kids in the neighborhood when they wanted to play with his minnows or worms. He let them. He loved to take his neices and nephew with him to fish.

Stephen's favorite place to be and fish is the boat ramp at Ocracoke Island. He would  spend hours there till 2 or 3 in the morning fishing. That is where he always seemed to be the happiest. We hated leaving there! One year he won the North Carolina State fishing tournament certificate for catching a 35 lbs Mahi Mahi on the Gecko going out of Hattaras that year! We always took one of his friends with us when we went. We loved to stay at Edwards of Ocracoke. Brian Quinn went the first year.  Grant went the second time and Jeff has gone with us the last two times we went. Those guys love it there too. They were some great friends. 

We have spread his ashes now on Ocracoke Island, as of June 2006. Rylea boogie boarded and Bren just rolled around in the waves with him, before they let him go. Bren and I also made a sand castle and put him in it. I know he smiled as he watched us do these things.

I guess the hardest thing for those of us left behind is that Stephen did not let anyone of us know that he was in trouble. We regret that having seen how we help each other and being a part of helping others that he chose to die rather than let us help him. We will always wonder why?

We know that drugs, Crystal Meth and such to be exact, had entered his life in about September or October 2004 and that he was trying to get off of them without letting any of us know that he had done that. His brother Chris was an addict to that stuff when he was younger and is my miracle these days. He has been straight now over 4 years. I am so proud of him! But Chris tells me trying to get off Meth without help is what killed Stephen. 

I love you and I miss you Stephen, So do your brothers, Oliver and Chris and their families, Heather, Rylea, Bren, RJ, Amber and Christopher.

Rest in Peace my dear son!

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a lovely tribute   / Simon Dent (none)
What a wonderful site you have created in your sons special memory. God bless you and all the other parents and families affected by suicide. Xxx
How do we make it through?   / Sarah Dufour (FFOS) (none)
I was looking at my husband's site and then found yours. I cry rivers of tears for both of us! As each year passes I wonder just how I'm going to make it through another year. Surely you wonder the same thing esp. since you lost a son not a husband. ...  Continue >>
dear Sallie - what a wonderful tribute to your son.  Please know that i feel with you as i remember both my precious sons who also died by suicide with love and thoughts to you always from Helen in Cape Town Mum of Peter and Glen
AH memories   / Marilyn Whitlow (Friend)
I was  looking over the photos and saw the pictue of Stephen rolling your house. I remembered that night, when we stuck "feminine products" all over stephen's room, it made me giggle. I just thought I'd share, and let you know I still ...  Continue >>
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His legacy
March 10,2012 What do i feel now!  
When thinking about Stephen some seven plus years later I realize how much of him lives on through me. I am surrounded by people now that mostly never knew Stephen but yet they do through me. I still miss him so much sometimes but there is always his presence that seems to be in my life where ever I go or what ever I am doing. I feel him here and at the farm and so many other places I am. I am in a happier place in my life now with more Peace and Beauty surrounding me. I have to laugh when I say that since I was right in the middle of an EF2 Tornado only a little over a week ago on March 2, 2012. I survived unharmed and again that gave me strength to know I am supposed to go on and live and live life well. Your presence is felt in my life all the time. I am grateful for what you have taught me both through the way you lived your life and what I have learned about me since your death. I have the incredible gift of laughter again which I used to share with you and others in the past. Even though at times I thought I would loose it I have been able to keep it. I also have the gift of love and caring that I share with friends that I have now and from the past. I am not afraid to love and care about the different people in my life and they know it, That is part of your legacy too. You were an incredibly wise son in your young years of life and taught me much about life, love and compassion. Thus I say that your legacy does live on through me and your brothers and even through people that never knew you. You never were afraid to jump in and do whatever needed to be done in any situation. What an example your life was. When people let go of balloons for your birthday or with me when I just need to watch one go up into the sky; your legacy lives on through me and through those other people. People that wondered what the heck I was doing have a new appreciateion for balloon launches! After all you never would keep a balloon because you liked to watch them sail into the sky! When I see a full moon your legacy lives on because I remember us singing " I see the moon the moon sees me, prettiest moon I ever did see. God made the moon and God made me, God made every thing you see!" That song goes through my head and your sweet little voice singing it does too. I will never forget singing " Devoted to you" at Brewsters when your friends where there for your 18th birthday and how you smiled and shot me a bird the whole time! Still have trouble with that song for Karaoke but thus your legacy lives on through me. I used to rock you to sleep when you were little singing that song along with a whole bunch of other ones. But because of that night it is hard for me to sing it because it is part of your Legacy. Well Son, I miss you but feel your presence all the time. I am proud to be your Mom. Your Legacy will live on through me and this website. I love you Stephen! Mom
Stephen Paraprased it I just found it looking through the console of my car. Romans 8:38 & 39  
Stephen's version:

I believe that nothing that has happened nor anything to come will seperate me from Jesus and His love.

Romans 8:38 and 39:

For I am convinced that neither death,  nor life, nor angels,  nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
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