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I was Born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 1986. I was born in Piedmont Hospital. Dr Johnny Turrentine delivered me.
Crawled 9 months
I learned to crawl by trying to get a push button phone that someone would put just out of my reach and make it ding a bunch so I would want it!
1st Tooth 11 1/2 months
I did not seem to be in too big of a hurry to do anything. I sure took my time getting teeth. Then I got 4 at once but at least I finally got some. Food has never been something I disliked so it was good to be able to chew instead of gum it to death!
Walked at 16 months
Just like everything else, I did not seem to be in a hurry to walk. But then getting teeth was pretty good so maybe I did want to go on an walk. But I could crawl pretty fast and anyone picked me up if I needed it so was just not that much in a big hurry. Guess I was just the laid back kid!
I graduated from Nursery Rhymes Preschool in Miss Peggy's class in 1991. Bear and I both did. I did not have to go to preschool or day care till 1988 since Mom did not go back to work till 1988. I used to get a mommy kiss on my hand when mommy left me so that if I missed her during the day I could get another kiss. Mommy had to make sure she wore lipstick when she dropped me off!
Started School 1991
I started school in 1991 at East Valley Elementary School. Mom put me on the bus then drove to school and waited for me to get off the bus to make sure I got to my classroom. You think being the 3rd boy she would not have done that but I guess I was her baby so she wanted to make sure I got there safely. I was too independent by then to let her take me to school. That is what my step-dad Mike said mom did well was to love us and teach us to to be independent.
Baptized April 18 1992
I was baptized at St. Catherine's Episcopal Church in Marietta, Ga. at the Easter Vigil Service by Father Larry Packard. I asked at age 4 to be baptized but was actually baptized at age 5.
November 1992
Mom met Mike when I was 3 but they did not get married till January of 1992. Mike had to have a liver transplant so they got married. I became a frequent flyer on Delta that year flying back and forth to Omaha, Nebraska. My favorite baby sitter stayed with us, Jason Dearborn, here in Marietta but when able I went to Nebraska to be with Mom and Mike. I would come back home when Mike was sicker and fly back when things got better. We lived in a place called the Potter's House. We met folks that lived down the street from us while staying there. Mike died November 19,1992. I was pretty mad because he was supposed to come home and throw the ball with me. Mike liked baseball as much as I did then. I loved Mike lots!
Moved April 1997
We moved from the house that I was raised in into the Amli Apartments. I hated leaving the house and school I had gone to all my life. I made some new friends that have stayed friends and so did my mom.
Moved again in 1997
Mom wanted to see if she could live and work in Holland, No kidding The Netherlands. She took me and two dogs with her in December 1997. She was not very happy there so we were back at Amli by the end of January 1998. Boy were all my friends glad! I was too did better that year at Bells Ferry Elementary than I did the first part of the year. Boy people do not know how good we have it here!
1998 New House
Mom and I found a new house we both liked in March 1998. We knew we would only live in apartments for about a year till we found something. I loved the new house. I met some great friends there, Alex, Ratsco, Franklin and Brian. We all went to Daniel Middle School. Brian Moved away after middle school but we stayed friends. Alex and I went on to Sprayberry Highschool and Franklin went to the charter school Wheeler. Ratsco was a bit younger. Boy did we have some good times together.
I passed away on December 02, 2004 at the age of 18.
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