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Poem "Gentle Boy" by Mary Withers  / Arline Stumpff Marla's Mom ((POS))
This one's for the gentle boy
Who wrestles with his pain,
His easy-bruising tender heart,
And ever-active brain.

He feels much more than others do,
But then he tries to hide,
With laughter or bravado,
The gentle boy inside.

With wit and style and artifice
His secret's kept so well.
Who dreams the brave facade you see
Conceals some private Hell?

Meanwhile, the brutes live on and on
Their unexamined lives.
The low, the stupid, and the cruel,
The sluggish idiot thrives.

To fill the world with empty talk
And greed and hate and noise,
To breed, carouse, and make life Hell
For all the gentle boys.

Some gentle boys grow heartsick
And tired of this charade.
They blow themselves right off the Earth,
Or fight, then fail, then fade.

If you should love a gentle boy
There's little you can do.
If he decides his time has come,
He'll leave the Earth and you.

He cannot see that if he goes
You'll never fill that space.
You'll spend your whole life searching
For that laugh, that kiss, that face.

How can the gentle boy not know
You love him beyond death,
You'd help him any way you could,
Unto your dying breath?

Someday when justice reigns on Earth
We all may greet with joy
A world where it won't hurt so much
To be a gentle boy.

In Loving Memory Of William Ellery Weiss December 9th, 1970 - March 14th, 1996
im sorry for ur loss  / Stephen Nicholson (dont know them )
hi im so sorry to hear bout ur son by the sounds of him he was a relaly nice young man and that he will sadly b missed 
once again im so sorry for u loss
my condolances  / Donna Jack (none)
Hello I just want to say I know what you have been going through in the loss of your son, I lost my son also he completed suicide on December 25, 2004 it will be a day I will never forget and it will have a lasting impact on the rest of my life. I don't know what happiness is anymore, that is how important this boy was in my life, he was just beginning his life and he was  only 19. We do not know how important someone is until we lose them forever.
We also lost our son Stephen  / Stephen Nicholson (none)
I know that this may sound strange, but we also lost our son Stephen Michael Nicholson Jr. He passed away suddenly on Valentine's day of 2002 from a heart infection, (myocarditis) just 21 days after his fourth birthday.

My wife and I completely understand your grief and offer our prayers and condolences to you and your family. We know that life must go on..but we also know that it will never be the same...God Bless
 Stephen and Diane Nicholson
stopping to offer my condolence  / Granny To Angel Stephen Turney (visitor)
To Stephens family: 
          I'm so sorry for your loss .  We lost our Stephen June 2005 . No words could ever discribe the pain and lonely feeling . It takes time to get over any loss, but I don't think you ever get over the loss of the kid's. You just have to live with the memories. And I'm sure you have loads of wonderful memories. I laugh thru tears when I think of something funny our Stephen did while trying to grow up. He was a special unique young person. No one in this world could ever replace him. I'm sure you all feel the same way about your Stephen. We all wish we had known our Stephen was leaving . So many things left unsaid and undone. Maybe some day we can do as a much older and very wise lady said she did when asked how she coped with the loss of her young son's death. She said she learned to just enjoy all the memories , knowing one day she would see him again. We're all tryin to do that but it's still hard . Good days and bad are still with us, but the pain is easing some. But I think my daughter will be changed forever( Stephen's Mom).God bless your family.

                                                             Hug's to you all 
                                                             Stephen Turney's granny
                                                              Sue Ashley    
U R In My Prayers  / Emisha Dickey
After reading your story my heart goes out to u and your family..I myself loss my husband in the same way on Nov 18 05..Your son seems like he was a wonderful person.Always keep him in your herts and i'll keep u in my prayers..My husbands website is www.michael-dickey.memory.of-com  I will keep visiting your site and hopefully you get a chance to visit my site..

With Love 
Emisha Dickey
Your Son's in Paradise  / Lois Kern (Friend From POS )
Sallie, Our sons are now at peace, in paradise, fishing with Marvo and playing soccer , telling stories late at night.  I love your website for your son, you have done a great job in honoring him. 

Love Always,
Lois Kern/Mom Of Bryan Jensen

My Son Lives in Paradise

The dust has settled on the things
That I have stored away
A favorite toy, for little boy
A jar of dried out clay.

A photograph when you were young
Sits quietly on the shelf
Thoughts of you come drifting back
I just can’t help myself.

A drawing that you made for me
When you were very small
Is framed within this heart of mine
And hangs upon the wall.

A scrapbook lies within the room
Where you once laid your head
Your favorite book, a model car
The pillow on your bed.

I miss you coming in from school
“Hey mom, it’s me, I’m home”
I miss the little words and hugs
The special times we’ve known.

A part of me just disappeared
The day you went away
An empty space now fills my heart
There are no words to say.

A closet filled with memories
Of happy days gone by
A baseball cap and souvenir
Why did you have to die?

The trophies that you won at school
Stand proudly on display
Your many friends can’t understand
Why God called you away.

I hear your voice within the halls
It echoes in the night
I see you in the evening mist
And in the morning light.

So many things you left behind
Are now a memory
But little arms that held me tight
Will always stay with me.

An empty space now fills my heart
My boy, my child, my son
You’ve gone into another world
Where golden dreams are spun.

I do not know the answers
It‘s not for me to know
But I will know the truth one day
Just why you had to go.

My turn will come to leave this world
I’ll gaze into your eyes
God’s perfect plan will be revealed
Up there in paradise.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson
Just passing through again, reading more about Stephen and realizing more what a loss his death is. Our boys - what were they thinking????
Fishing Buddies  / Marvin Hardin (Son's Angel Friend )
Hello Stephen I know your Mom from pos, She has done a wonderful job with your web site. I know you have met my son by now and you two are fishing together.Save me a good spot, for i'll be there one day.Until then you two catch the big one's. Marvin Sr.Pop of Marvin Jr.(Marvo)
A Beautiful Son  / Patricia Adam Lee Devine's Mom
I met a lovely lady today by the name of Iris Bolton. I was reading more about her and and while doing a search I came across your site. What a beautiful young man!! My son died from an overdose. I know and I care. God Bless.
A BEAUTIFUL SITE FILLED WITH LOVE  / Teresa Culbreath (friend of Sallie's )
I love your site for Stephen.  What a handsome young man!!!.
I love the pictures of him with is Gran-Gran.  My favorite is him getting on the school bus.  It is so cute.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I thank God that we have had an opportunity to meet. May God bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand.
I love you sister,
T. Culbreath
Such a beautiful tribute  / Zoe Hynes

I only met you a few times, but when you told me about Stephen I came straight to my computer and looked at the website as soon as you went back to Terrys. I tried to leave a message that night, but for some reason it didn't work.

This website is beautiful, such a tribute to a young man and I am sure he would be so proud, if a little embarrassed (as young men usually are) to know how much he meant to you and to hear all the wonderful things you can say about him.

You are a very strong woman and an inspiration to all people who have been through such tragic losses, proof that you never forget loved ones, but that life can go on.

God bless you Sallie.

Zoe, Phil and Keira. xx

From another grieving Mom  / Cindy Janikowski (POS)
What a wonderful tribute to your handsome son Stephen.  He was so talented. I am so sorry for your loss. It was great meeting you at the spring retreat. Please keep in touch. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love & Hugs,
Kevin's Mom forever
I'm sorry for your loss .. My ex-husband lost his life to crystal meth  / Sher (Recoverying addict )
I would like to offer you my deepest sincerist condolences. I know only to well what it feels like to lose a loved one to this evil drug. My ex-husband lost his life to his meth addiction .. I created a memorial in his memory, sharing his story in hopes that if it can help even just one person .. then he died not in vain.  I wecome you to drop by it is a beautiful site ... and it mirrors the real truth about meth use. 

You and your family and in my thoughts and prayers,
Sallie my thoughts and prayers are with you.  / Janet Studdard (FFOS friend )
Sallie, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son Stephen.  I can't begin to imagine the heartbreak of losing your sweet child period let alone to suicide.  You made a wonderful impression on me at the retreat for your courage and strength and it definitely gives me hope.  I lost the love of my life 5 months ago and am glad I met so many with such incredible strength and warmth.  God bless you and your family.
Time To Fish  / Oli (Brother)
I can barely write thruogh salty tears, Sweet memories come back spanning all his years.

From the little blonde boy Swingin'  his little red bat, To the kind young man in his huntin' cap.

One fine spring day, three brothers set out to a nearby pond where there was no doubt,

Spring had sprung, trees had buds and little Stephen fell into the mud!

He wouldn't go home, he got his wish, Finally, it was time to fish!

I can barely write thruogh pouring tears, More great memories come back spanning all his years.

He called me coach while he smiled, I really was for awhile.

He really made us proud, I wish I had told him that more out loud.

The last game we lost was in the State Tournament, noone could believe how far this team went.

The season ended it was late spring, Stephen said "oh well let's do some fishing"

Out from Hatteras Island ,He got his wish, With Grant and I he landed some really big fish.

My dear Stephen I love you, Mom and Chris I love you too. 

If i could get just one wish, Stephen here's what I'd do.

I'd spend it on more time to fish with you.

I love you Stephen.  I Really miss you.

"Thinking of you and your Family..."  / Tina Hewitt
I am sooo sorry for the loss of your son Stephen.I read his story and cried.It really touched my heart.My heart goes out ot you and your family.I know the pain you are enduring.I know how much you miss him/He is now A your guardian Angel.He"s doing great things in heaven and I"m sure bringing joy to everyone up in heaven too.May God be with you.You and your family are in my prayers as well as Stephen.
Sorry for your loss.  / Aaron Patton (No relation )
My name is Aaron Patton, age 16 of British Columbia, Canada. Recently, I lost a good friend of mine to brain cancer. He was 14 years old. I found this website while searching for ideas for my own memorial website - I am also a medic with St. John Ambulance. Although, as a medic I havn't dealt with anything bad and only had one near death case, cases like this is a paramedics worst nightmare. I feel sad just reading about it. He sounds like a great person. I am sorry about your loss. I am praying for Stephen, you, and your family. God Bless.
A note to Stephens family  / Becky Jones
Dear Sallie & family

I  came across this website by accident and it touched me and I felt I had to add something.

I am a mother of two boys one is 5 and one is 8, people say that children have it so easy these days and they have everything handed to them on a plate but I feel this is not the case. The pressures on our children are immense and I worry myself sick about what the future holds for my boys.

At the end of the day all we can do is give them our unconditional love and hope to god that if they do need us then they will ask for help but if they feel they can't we shouldn't blame ourselves because sometimes the pain is just too much to bare that you don't want everyone else that you love to be effected.

I can only imagine the pain you feel every day at the loss of your lovely son, I wish you and your family happiness in the future. This is truly a wonderful tribute to Stephen and I'm sure he's very proud of you.

Kindest Regards

Becky (in the uk)
You and Stephen are always in our thoughts.  / Cyndi, Lenny, Brandon &. Brittany (Mommy 2, StepDad, Best Friend and Pest Little Sister )
It's so hard to believe that it's been a year since Stephen left us. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about him. I just know that he is watching and guiding Brandon from up above (at least I hope so because Brandon always listened to Stephen). Brandon thinks and talks of him often and misses him even more.
Every time Lenny hears the song "Running Scared" by Roy Orbinson he thinks of Stephen. The three of them were in  Lenny's car and Lenny had the song turned up loud and was singing along when Stephen put the window down and cried out "Help me, let me out of here!"
Girl, I admire and praise you in so many ways! I only pray that if and when God deals me such a trematic thing to handle that I can do so without completely falling apart. I can't begin to imagine what this last year has been for you - I'm so glad you have someone special in your life to help you along. Just know that we love you and think of you and Stephen every day. Love you! XOXO      
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